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RF & Wireless Design

Peak Gain Wireless can help you understand the wireless options available and then select the best for your unique product needs. There are tradeoffs to be considered when choosing a wireless standard including data throughput, wireless range, interoperability and battery life. You will immediately benefit from our engineering team’s practical experience and knowledge as we realize your system, circuit board and antenna. Want to leverage smart phones and tablets as part of your system? We can help with that. Need to get remote sensor data to a cloud server with miles of separation to a wireless telemetry gateway? No problem.

Circuit Board (PCB) Design and Layout

  1. Board Level Circuit Design
  2. Selection of Microcontroller or Radio Transcieiver
  3. Bill of Material Cost Optimization
  4. Use of any sized components
  5. Bare Chip Design with Wirebonding
  6. Support of multiple pop-options allowing for single custom PCB to be resued for multiple system components
  7. Altium is the preferred tool and we can also use PADS
  8. Designs tailored to fit into custom enclosures


  1. Bluetooth
  2. Bluetooth SMART / Bluetooth Low Energy /BLE
  3. BLE Mesh
  4. iBeacon
  5. NFC
  6. LORA
  7. Wi-Sun
  8. Wi-Fi
  9. Zigbee
  10. Cellular M2M /CDMA/ GSM)
  11. ANT
  12. 802.15.X
  13. Wired Ethernet
  14. Fiber Optics
  15. Infrared
  16. PIR
  17. RS232
  18. Serial Port
  19. USB
  20. CAN

RF Test and Measurement

  1. RF Vector Network Analyzer for Tune and Match
  2. Bluetooth
  3. EDR and Bluetooth Audio Protocol Test (2.0, 2.1)
  4. Bluetooth SMART / BLE Protocol Test(4.0, 4.1)
  5. Wi-Fi Protocol Test (Dual Band)
  6. M2M Call Box for GSM and CDMA
  7. Zigbee Protocol Test
  8. LORA Protocol Test
  9. Spectrum Analyzers
  10. Signal Analyzers
  11. 3 RF Screen Rooms
  12. Automated GTEM Cell
  13. Test and Characterize over Temperatures -200C to +200C
  14. Burn In
  15. { FCC, IC and ETSI Certification Service }
  16. Precision Calibrated Measurement Antennas

RF Design and Engineering Services

  1. System and Specification Development
  2. Selection of Radio Standard and Tradeoffs
  3. Link Budget Analysis
  4. Data Throughput Requirement Analysis
  5. Cost Planning and Optimization
  6. Schematic Capture and PCB Layout
  7. Power Management Design
  8. Wireless Charging
  9. Design in of Foward Looking Features
  10. Chip Down Radio Design
  11. Design of Radio Modules
  12. Integration of Radio Module into Design
  13. Antenna Design, Sensor Design
  14. Project Management
  15. Management of 3rd Pary Resources
  16. Design for Manufacture
  17. Design for Test
  18. Ongoing Support of Manufacturing
  19. RF Test Automation
  20. Programming Automation
  21. Design of Test Fixtures
  22. Signal Integrity
  23. Design Reviews
  24. Design for low emissions