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PC and Mobile Apps

Peak Gain Wireless has the required expertise to deliver turn key solutions to interact with and control your existing products via smart phone and/or tablet. Many of our clients represent well-respected brands with products lacking mobile device and cloud connectivity. We can deliver proof of concepts or production ready designs with hardware, firmware, test fixtures and mobile apps tailored to your unique needs. The type of app(s) needed is typically apparent from the end product business case. A simple native app running in the background can interact with Bluetooth SMART/BLE enabled products or sensors and route data to a remote cloud server, while the cloud server settings are viewed.

Programming Languages and Frameworks

  1. X code
  2. Objective C
  3. Java
  4. Javascript
  5. CSS
  6. HTML
  7. HTML5
  8. {PhoneGap, Cordova, Titanium,  etc.}
  9. Eclipse
  10. Android SDK and ADT
  11. Device Emulators
  12. APK Open Ditribution
  13. Microsoft .NET
  14. LAMP

App Testing and QA

  1. Test Plans
  2. UI Testing
  3. Manual Testing
  4. Automated Testing
  5. Integration Testing
  6. Negative Testing
  7. Smoke Testing
  8. Cross Browser Testing
  9. Cross Platform Testing
  10. Grey Box Testing

Custom Application Development

  1. Smartphone Apps
  2. Tablet Apps
  3. Native Android Apps
  4. Native iOS Apps
  5. Web Apps and Portals
  6. PC Apps
  7. iOS Apps
  8. Android Apps
  9. Cloud Server Apps and Infrastructure

Analysis and Design

  1. UX Design
  2. Business and System Analysis
  3. UI Design
  4. Web Design
  5. 3D Rendering
  6. Wireframes and Storyboards