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Embedded Firmware

Embedded Firmware is the computer instructions and programs written to run on microcontroller based electronic circuit board designs to carry out specific tasks or functions. These are not programs for typical PC’s, tablets or smartphones as those are called apps or applications. This is the intelligence (or secret sauce) which turns ideas, concepts and handfuls of off the shelf electronic parts into devices which delight end user.  Examples include television remotes, modern home themostats, cordless phones, Bluetooth headphones and toys. Microcontrollers can cost from 10’s of cents to 10’s of dollars and much higher. Part of the design phase is to choose the lowest cost device with the right feature set for the application.


PGW typically authors firmware in a human readable source code format to the ANSI C standards whithin any of several popular Itegrated Development Envirionments (IDE's). The IDE is used to "compile" or transform the human readable source code into a binary format for a particular microcontroller which may be loaded directly into the memory of the microcontroller's memory.

  1. IAR
  2. Visual State
  3. Keil
  4. Code Composer

Battery Powered Devices

There are several system level requirements which impact the complexity of any firmware project. For example, a design which needs to operate for months or years from a single coin cell must have its firmware refined and optimized to minimize non-essential battery consumption as well as maximize the efficiency with which the device wakes, performs its duties, and then goes back to deep sleep. This power consumption optimization is typically not required of devices which are powered from a wall adapter.

Areas of Expertise

  1. Development and Implementation of Proprietary Wireless Protocols
  2. Product Development using any standard wireless protocol
  3. User friendly deployment schemes
  4. Remote Wireless Firmware Update
  5. Firmware Optimiztion for Long Battery Life
  6. Firmware QA and Test
  7. Implementation of complex mathematics such as LSR
  8. Add New one

Firmware for Wired and Wireless Devices

  1. Bluetooth
  2. Bluetooth SMART/BLE
  3. iBeacon
  4. NFC
  5. LORA
  6. Wi-Sun
  7. Wi-Fi
  8. Zigbee
  9. Cellular M2M(CDMA and GSM)
  10. ANT
  11. 802.15.X
  12. Wired Ethernet
  13. Fiber Optics
  14. Infrared
  15. PIR
  16. USB
  17. Serial Port
  18. Custom Gatt Profiles


More complex devices which must multitask and handle many simultaneous input, output and control events may make use of a real time operating system or RTOS. such as Free RTOS, QNX , Green Hills or Micrium  Wired or wireless gateways often make use of RTOS as do medical devices and other devices which do not tolerate system latency.

  1. Free RTOS
  2. QNX
  3. Micrium
  4. Green Hills
  5. Express Logic
  6. Keil
  7. Quadros
  8. LynuxWorks
  9. ENEA
  10. Wind River
  11. Linux