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Accelerated Proof of Concept

Would you like to test the waters of connecting an existing product to a smartphone, tablet or the cloud while minimizing time and investment? Do you have an internal engineering team who might benefit from a jump start from subject matter experts? Would you like to demo your ideas to investors, trade show attendees or big clients to gauge interest or get market feedback? Imagine demoing your existing product with cloud connectivity. We can daydream together and then put a plan together to get you there, FAST!

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, a proof of concept (PoC) engagement may be right for you. We typically use developmentĀ boards , custom firmware and apps and/or custom circuit boards to get the job done fast. The end result typically looks perfect, but is not ready for volume production. If we’re adding wireless features to existing products, clients typically send us several existing products as well as the agreed upon number of products to which we add wireless capabilities. We streamline all of our standard processes to get working hardware and system components in your hands ASAP. If the PoC is a new idea, we have many excellent off the shelf enclosure options to consider as well as access to machine shops, 3D printing and Industrial Designers.